Tim Tebow Rejects Kim Kardashian for the Right Reason

kim kardashianHave you heard? Everyone's most beloved/most loathed reality star might be goin' all church lady on us soon. Yeah, Kim Kardashian tweeted that she wants to start her own bible study group, but a report in The National Enquirer pretty much says pffft ... all she's really interested in is uber-religious QB Tim Tebow! She reportedly thinks he's really hot, and she loves that he's got "really strong values."

Too bad she doesn't quite fit the description of Tim's dream girl ...


A source in the NE story said:

Tim’s been made aware of Kim’s crush, and although flattered, he’s not interested. He’s an avowed virgin who’s saving himself for marriage and is looking for a woman with similar values, not someone with two failed marriages AND a sex tape in her past!

As harsh as that may sound, if this is true, I gotta give the guy props for stickin' to his guns and being honest about the kind of woman he really wants. As far as we know, he's not giving into his baser instincts -- thinking he might just "give Kim a chance" or thinking they might make a good match if only because they're both stars -- when he really knows they probably don't have much in common. And he deserves credit for that, because so many of us have trouble pinpointing the type of person we want or hold back from expressing what it is we want or think we should be "expected" to want one thing, even if it's not what you ultimately or actually want! Ahh!!

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You might also avoid being so specific, because that could easily limit your options. I know men and women who have totally gone the opposite extreme in this department, complete with laundry lists of what their "complete package" Mr. or Miss Right would look/sound/act/be like. But to assert yourself and say, "This is who I am, and this is the type of person I see myself with" is admirable. It shows you know who you are and you're willing to stand up for your values.

That said, it's not just about religion. I dated atheist, Catholic, and even bordering-on-Orthodox Jewish guys. Eventually, I admitted to myself that I preferred to be with a Reform Jewish guy, because I figured we'd see eye-to-eye on some of the biggies like what to raise our kids someday and political issues. My partner happens to have been brought up Reform Jewish but, nowadays, sometimes sounds like a borderline atheist! The label is really what matters least, though. Ultimately, the majority of our values are the same.

As for Kim and Tim (ewww, and this couple needs to not happen if only because of how cringeworthy that sounds), I highly doubt their values will ever legitimately be in sync. Who knows, but it'll certainly make sense if Tim stays true to those values and gives Kim the brush-off.

Have you ever struggled with being honest about the kind of partner who would be right for you? How important do you think it is to have the same values as your partner?


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