Madonna, Nicki Minaj & MIA Team Up for Ultimate Lady-Powered Super Bowl Show

Madonna, Nicki Minaj, M.I.A. set to perform Super Bowl halftime show 2012I don't know what I'm looking forward to more for the big game this weekend: The fact that the Patriots are so totally going to whip some Giants behind, or Madonna's halftime performance. I was pretty pumped when I found out the Material Gal was doing the whole Super Bowl bit this year in Indianapolis. Then, I was even more excited when I caught wind over the weekend that Nicki Minaj would be up there with her. Today, the big news is that M.I.A. is getting in on the fun! Seems that the trio will be performing Madonna's new single, "Give Me All Your Luvin'" on February 5.

Shoot -- I'm freakin' stoked. Sunday is going to be epic! Can you say estrogen fest 2012? These are three seriously talented top female artists! Between the David Beckham undie ad and this, the Super Bowl is totally going to be a must-watch for even the non-sporty ladies too! Bring on Sunday!


I can't even imagine what sort of damage Madonna, Nicki, and M.I.A. are going to do on stage together. They all have such individual and unique performance styles. I foresee Nicki in some super bright glow in the dark ensemble, and M.I.A. in a pair of ripped jean shorts. As for Madge? I'd love to see her rockin' some of her old classic duds. Possibly something reminiscent of the "Like a Virgin" white dress? Now THAT would just scream ultimate comeback!

I may be making a bold statement here, but I think the female dominant showstopper Madonna is setting up on the football field may just have what it takes to beat my ultimate fave Super Bowl halftime performance ever -- the Britney Spears/ N'Sync gig from 2001. Tell me you agree?! One thing's for sure: with these ladies at the helm anything can happen, and I cannot wait!

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Will you be watching the Super Bowl this weekend? Are you more interested in the halftime show and the commercials, or the actual game?


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