Robert Pattinson Gets Rave Daddy Reviews for 'Breaking Dawn Part 2'

Robert PattinsonAs if Rob Pattinson wasn't already one of the most lusted after actors in Hollywood, and fans weren't already waiting with bated breath to see him play a new father in Breaking Dawn Part 2  ... Now, Bill Condon, director of Breaking Dawn, has been quoted giving RPattz some seriously glowing compliments on the DVD's commentary. The rave review that will make ladies around the world melt?

Condon said, "You look at Rob here and you get a little hint of what you'll see a lot of in the second film. He is unbelievably tender with babies -- with children, not just babies. He was with Mackenzie [Foy] too." Oh, okay, thanks for clarifying, Bill. So it's not just that he's good with little ones, but he's good with all kiddos?!


Bill elaborated, "There's something that changes about him when he's with children. He's just so sweet and caring, and I think you really get a glimpse of that here." Uh, wow, cue the collective "Aaaawwwww!!" and meltdown of female fans EVERYWHERE.

Sure, we were all psyched to begin with to see Edward morph into the role of a father in BD Part 2, but after hearing this?! Clearly, we'll have a ton of swoon-worthy moments to look forward to in the film.

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Plus, if you weren't already 100 percent sure Rob really is as much of a gem in real life as he seems, this seals the deal, huh? I love hearing these kinds of details about a celeb in general, too, you know, because we want to believe that the heartthrobs and even gorgeous starlets we admire as they walk down the red carpet are actually genuinely awesome people. And when it comes to someone like Rob, who is beloved by young women in particular, it would be really disappointing to hear that off-screen he's a schmuck, you know? Thank goodness, he's SO NOT. Obviously, the guy's a total sweetheart, and it sounds like he'll make a great dad someday. Squee!

Not saying that guys who choose to pass on fatherhood (cough George Clooney) aren't as attractive in other ways, but we all know there's something about a guy who is good with kids that makes him super-lovable. I'm personally happy to know Rob's getting credit for that awesome quality. AND, now that he's got that goin' for his reputation, how long 'til he's offered a more conventional "dad" role in a film? You know, one that doesn't require white makeup and glowing eye contacts ...

Does hearing about Rob being good with kids make you love him even more?


Image via B. Cool/Splash News

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