Mary Tyler Moore's Hilarious SAG Awards Confession Makes Us Love Her More

At 75, Mary Tyler Moore is still turning the world on with her smile, or at least she certainly did last night during the 18th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. Honored with a much-deserved lifetime achievement award, Moore's achievements were noted by former TV show husband Dick Van Dyke—who also thrilled the crowd by giving her a little on-stage smooch to seal the deal.

Truly, it's impossible not to like MTM, but after reading what she had to say about how this particular show was less stressful than most, I love her even more. Because Mary Tyler Moore has confirmed what we knew all along: actors hate having to look happy when someone else beats them for an award.


You know how awards shows love to do that awkward thing where they get all four (or whatever) nominees on a split screen in order to film their exact facial expressions as the winner's name is called? And the losers have to sit there clapping as though they're happy, when really they just want to run screaming from the room because WHAT THE HELL I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT DOUCHETOWEL WON?

(Or at least
most of the time they sit there clapping and pretending to be pleased. Yo Nick Nolte, you need to work on your poker face.)

Well, Mary Tyler Moore admitted that it does, in fact, suck a fat one to fake the "Hey, good for you!" expression.
She told PEOPLE that one of the reasons she wasn't too nervous about the SAG Awards is that she knew she wouldn't have to pretend to be a good sport:

It's so hard to sit there with a smile on your face waiting for your name to be called. When it's not, you keep the smile on your face, and it's just the dumbest thing. But tonight it was good because I knew I was going to win, so I wasn't that nervous.

I love it, don't you? And what a win it was—the lifetime achievement award is a heck of an honor for a woman who's earned praise as an Oscar-nominated actress, dancer, and Hollywood executive. As Dick Van Dyke said last night, “MTM. There’s probably not a person in the civilized world who doesn’t know what that means."

Not only did she make it after all, she didn't even have to smile for anyone but herself last night. Way to go, lady.

Are you glad Mary Tyler Moore earned a lifetime achievement award?

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