10 Celebrity Endorsements That Drive Me Nuts

adult diapers

For as long as celebrities have been in the public eye, they have been endorsing products. It's no wonder -- they're paid a pretty penny and it's pretty low effort on their part. I get it, I do, but there are some endorsements that actually affect my view on the celebs who endorse them ...


1. Lisa Rinna for Depends Silhouettes. Lisa says she agreed to the endorsement not because she has bladder control issues, but because she wants to empower women. Personally, I can think of a few better ways to empower women than wearing a diaper. But, that's just me.

2. Jamie Lee Curtis for Activia. I feel like I know more about Jamie Lee's bowels than anything else about her. That's just wrong.

3. Jennifer Husdon for Weight Watchers. Yes, Jennifer, we can see that you're skinny. Can you please stop singing about it now?

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4. Shannen Doherty for EducationConnection.com. No offense to Shannen, but she doesn't exactly scream scholar to me.

5. Florence Henderson for Polident. Dentures need to be cleaned, of course. But do they really need America's favorite mom illustrating that?

6. Sofia Vergara for Pepsi. Her accent was charming in moderation. When I have to listen to it every five minutes? It's nothing but grating. And, it makes me crave a Diet Coke.

7. Wynonna Judd for Alli. Tragically, I now associate Wynonna with the "anal leakage" side effect of the weight loss pill. Perhaps she should team up with Lisa Rinna.

8. Jessica Simpson and Alyssa Milano for Proactiv. I'm so glad they got rid of their zits, but I'd rather not hear about it.

9. Justin Beiber for Proactiv. I'm even less excited about him.

10. Reality TV Stars for Anything. Can't Kim, Paris, and the rest of them just stick to the tabloids where they belong?


Image via Lanyap/Flickr

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