Sundance Film Festival Without 'Ill' Parker Posey Wasn't Very Indie

parker poseyThe Sundance Film Festival awards show was last night, and while there were many surprises, perhaps the biggest one of all was indie-queen Parker Posey's last minute -- I mean, really last minute -- cancellation. Posey was, appropriately, slotted to host the show, but right before it began, she fell "ill."

It was weird, though. The show still went through an elaborate introduction for Posey at the start of the program, even instructing the audience to "give it up for the M.C. of the ceremony, Miss Parker Posey." Then, after people did "give it up," director of the festival John Cooper walked onto the stage and informed everyone of what happened. "Parker Posey, who was all set to do tonight's award show, took ill," he Cooper. "This is real." Then he and Black Road director, Katie Aselton, proceeded to take over for Posey.

Weird. So, what was up with Parker? Was she genuinely sick? Or was she "Hollywood sick"? And what other surprises did the festival bring?!


There hasn't been any word yet on what happened with Posey. Hopefully, it's just some sort of violent 24-hour bug or something, because, let's be honest, the world really could do without another drug-induced celebrity breakdown. Perhaps I'm naive, but I tend to believe her illness is legit. She doesn't really have a shady, checkered past, and just earlier on this week, she was talking about how excited she was to host the ceremony, and how she wanted to bring vegetable dips for the audience. How indie. Regardless of what happened to Posey, though, it was a bummer to not see her at the show.

Now, who were the big winners?

Well, there were two. The film, Beasts of Southern Wild, won the grand jury prize in the U.S. dramatic competition, and The House I Live In won in the U.S. documentary category. Beasts was directed and co-written by 29-year-old first-time filmmaker(!) Benh Zeitlin. It follows a girl named Hushpuppy who lives with her father in the southern Delta. The House I Live In was directed by Eugene Jarecki, who won the same award in 2005 for Why We Fight, and it tackles the human, social, and financial issues associated with of the war on drugs.

Congrats on the well-deserved awards, guys. And Parker, please hurry and get better. The world shall be speculating on your mystery illness until you do. And also, the indie world just isn't the same without you.

What do you think happened to Parker Posey?


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