Demi Moore 911 Call Release Makes Kim Kardashian Irate

kim kardashianPretty much everyone on earth has heard Demi Moore's 911 call since its release yesterday. And it's chilling, to say the least. Talk about how she's convulsing, and how she smoked "something" leave listeners thinking, "Holy s**t, she could have actually died!"

But as much as we love gawking at celebrities' lives -- and realizing they're not perfect after all -- is there a line? And does the release of someone's 911 call cross that line? Kim Kardashian certainly thinks so.



Last night, Kim tweeted the following message: "Is it disturbing 2 anyone else that 911 calls can be released 2 the public? I think its so private & should only be allowed in court if needed." And you know what? For once, I actually agree with her. As much as Demi Moore's 911 call piqued my interest, it is disturbing that it was made public. Is nothing sacred?

Of course, Kim's tweet could also be because the reality star had her own experience with a 911 call being released recently. On Monday, the Kardashian's boutique, Dash, put in a call to 911 after a strange man, who's been referred to as a stalker, said inappropriate things to the store's employees. The employees locked him out, but apparently he kept knocking on door, crying out to be let back in. He freaked out so many people that all the store's in the shopping center locked their doors.

As weird and icky as it seems for 911 calls to be released, technically it is legal. So, it's safe to assume that any time such a call is made regarding anybody remotely famous, the world is going to hear it. Of course, that doesn't mean we have to listen to it, though.

Do you think it should be illegal for 911 calls to be released to the public?


Image via david_shankbone/Flickr


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