Demi Moore's Replacement in 'Lovelace' Is No Gloria Steinem

demi mooreDemi Moore's life is kind of falling apart right now. But the actress -- or at least one of the actress' "people" -- is still able to make some good decisions. In the wake of her frantic 911 call, Demi Moore has dropped out of the upcoming film, Lovelace, where she was slotted to play bad-ass feminist Gloria Steinem. In case you haven't heard, the much-talked about movie is about Linda Lovelace, real-life porn star. And the reason I say her decision to quit is a good one is, because, seriously -- can the Demi handle anything lately? I think it's best the actress just hole up for a while and focus on her health.

Now, the woman they got to replace Demi in the movie? Why, it's none other than perpetually-bubbly Sarah Jessica Parker ... Seriously?



Now, I love me some SJP -- I dare you to find a female who doesn't -- but Parker seems like  an odd choice for such a role. I feel like you have to be a little more, I don't know, dark to play Steinem. A little more radical. Demi fit the part perfectly. She has a wild past; she's involved in women's political causes; and she even looks more the part -- her dark hair, parted down the middle. Very 70s. SJP is more modern. She's more of a rom-com gal.

The film will certainly be ... interesting, no matter who plays Steinem, though. In addition to the racy subject matter, other actos signed on are Amanda Seyfried as the title character, Peter Sarsgaard, Chloë Sevigny, Debi Mazar, Adam Brody, Sharon Stone, Juno Temple, and Chris Noth. That's right, there will be a Big and Carrie reunion in the movie.

The main thing is that Demi is getting treatment. She'd be foolish to forge ahead with this role at the expense of her mental health. We'll be fine with Sarah Jessica Parker, Demi. Although, just between us, we would have preferred you.

What actress do you think is best suited to play Gloria Steinem?


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