Demi Moore's 911 Call Makes Breakdown Sound Totally Terrifying (LISTEN)

demi moorePoor, poor Demi Moore. The details surrounding her breakdown just keep on comin' out and getting more and more graphic and horrific. The 911 call that was placed from Demi's home on Monday has been released, and it's downright bewildering, cringe-worthy, and, well, really frightening. Basically, it sounds like what we thought was just a little overdose or slight "seizure" seems like it could have actually been a full-blown brush with death. Ugh!

First off, let me warn you: The slightly over eight-minute call is a bit difficult to listen to ...


Because not only does it seem like Demi was in an absolutely terrible, vulnerable, weak, and scary state physically, but the people who called on her behalf sound like complete half-wits who might have either been completely stoned out of their minds or just so shaken up that they couldn't put two and two together to help their friend. Either way, it isn't pretty at all. They describe Demi to the emergency dispatcher as "convulsing," "semi-conscious," and "burning up."

Here's the audio of the actual 911 call ...

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Awful, right? Not only is it really worrisome to think what could have happened to Demi if she had been alone here (yeah, guess these incompetent-seeming companions were good for something!), but it's also difficult to know what to make of this. What exactly could she have been smoking that's not marijuana but "like incense"?? How/when did whip-its come into play? The woman on the phone alludes to possible other substances, so did prescription drugs set Demi off? Who knows ...

One thing's for sure: As shocking as it is to say, it seems like her family, friends, and fans could have potentially lost Demi this past Monday night. With hope, she will want to do everything she can to make sure she gets the help she needs to save her life.

Do you think it sounds like Demi's incident was much worse than we initially thought?


Image via David Shankbone/Flickr

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