Kris Humphries Has Learned to Love Kim Kardashian Fans

Kris HumphriesI'll say this for Kris Humphries. Kim Kardashian's ex sure knows how to put some serious spin on a story -- if not a basketball! 

The New Jersey Nets power forward has been suffering the boos and jeers since the NBA season got its delayed start last month. And the news that he was voted the most hated player in the NBA had to hurt. But this Minnesota boy is pulling himself up by his bootstraps and taking solace in the most unexpected place.


He's just glad Kim's fans are paying attention to him on the court! And he's using the boos to fuel his passion to put more into winning games for the Nets. Humphries told Haute Living, "Negative energy fuels me," whether it's because of his short-lived Kardashian connection or because he's playing on a rival team's court.

So he's using the boos? Wow! What an ... adult ... way of looking at things!

He may have become a household name because of his connection to Kim, but now that the marriage is over, Kris has no choice but to stand on his own two feet and make do with his life. So he's a divorced guy. So what? So are hundreds of thousands of men in America. But Kris Humphries is luckier than most of them. He's still young (only 26 ... aye, yi, yi) and he's still kind of cute.

And, um, hello, he still plays in the frickin NBA! I don't care how many people are booing you because they liked Kim better. If you're playing a professional sport, you are very literally living little kids' dreams. It behooves you to enjoy yourself out there or move out of the way so someone else can get paid to play a game.

I'm happy to hear Kris has moved on from swiping at Kim to appreciating where he is. How about you?

Image via Keith Allison/Flickr

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