'Fear Factor' Makes Contestants Drink Donkey WHAT?!

donkeyIt's just about the weekend, so I thought I'd send everyone off with a little story about perseverance, determination, and digestion. News is that Fear Factor, that reality show on NBC that pits people against each other in terrifying stunts until there's only one left standing, asks its contestants on Monday night's show to drink a full glass of donkey urine. The thought of that is so vile, so wretched, that I can honestly say it made me throw up a little in my mouth. But the fun doesn't stop there, folks. After the participants take down the warm pint of donkey piss, they're asked to follow it down with another tall glass of donkey secretion. This time, it's not pee, it's semen. Mmm.

If the mention of a glass of donkey urine didn't make you vom, I bet that hefty serving of donkey semen sure did. Probably tastes like ass. Tee hee.


NBC execs were understandably a little skeptical about the contest and considered pulling this segment from airing, but now that word's out about it, and now that we've barfed all over our couches already just reading about the news, seeing it all go down on TV shouldn't be that terrible. What's another puke stain on the sofa?

I don't think it gets any grosser than gulping down a vat of donkey baby gravy, so hats off to those weirdos over at Fear Factor who came up with this idea. Clearly, it doesn't get any scarier than this. I'd gladly lie in a tank full of rats, snakes, and spiders for weeks, hell, years, before I'd take down a glass of donkey schlong juice.

The funny part is, I suppose I'm in the minority. According to TMZ, not one, but multiple contestants decided to drink down their mugs of donkey love in liquid form in order to move on in the competition. Sad part is, they will forever be known as the people who did so. You cannot live that down. Not ever.

Cheers, bitches.

Can you think of anything grosser than drinking a glass of donkey semen?


Photo via Klearchos Katpoutsis/Flickr

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