Kim Kardashian's New TV Show Requires Acting -- Just Like Her Reality Show

kim kardashianI used to have mad respect for the Lifetime network. Those made-for-TV movies? Come on. They practically defined my generation. But I don't know what's going on with them these days. Some execs over there decided it would be a good idea to give Kim Kardashian a multi-episode arc on Drop Dead Diva. Can you believe it? I thought we were on a roll after that fantastic Drew Peterson flick, but I guess not. I guess the suits over at Lifetime got greedy and said, Hey! I hear that Kim Kardashian girl is popular. Let's put 'er on a show!

Yes, it's sad but true, I suppose having Kim on a show for a while will send the ratings through the roof, but at what cost, you know? The price of our sanity is apparently decreasing by the moment. And the worst part is ... the worst part! ... is that the creator of Drop Dead Diva thinks Kim will be able to "reinvent" herself on the show.


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Reinvent herself how, exactly? Into an actress? I mean, I guess she has some acting chops since she was able to fool the entire world into thinking she actually loved Kris Humphries, but I didn't realize we were giving her credit for that already.

The last thing we need is more of Kim on the small screen, or the big screen, for that matter. We see her everrrrywhere. At some point, if people like, ahem, Lifetime, keep giving her parts, it's only going to encourage her to perform more. And then what? Does she get her own network? Maybe run for president? If she thinks she can take over the world, I'm sure she would. Well that, or Mama Kris would force her to.

Drop Dead Diva will start airing the fourth season this summer, and Kim will be in the premiere episode as Nikki -- Fred's new love interest. First the CSI: NY episode back in 2007, then the yet-to-be-released Tyler Perry movie, and now this. If Kim likes acting so much, she should stick to her "reality" show. There's more drama there than on any of these shows combined.

Do you want to see Kim Kardashian take on more roles in TV and movies?


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