Kim Kardashian Mourns Cher's 'Death' on Twitter (She Should Learn to Fact-Check)

kim kardashian tweet cher deathNo, Cher is not dead -- whew! -- but if you were on Twitter earlier this morning or last night, you might have suspected that the pop icon passed away, given that "RIP Cher" was trending on the social network. Thank goodness, it was just one of those ridiculous Internet death hoaxes striking again! Hilariously enough, a couple famous names actually bought the hoax hook, line, and sinker ...

Kim Kardashian and sis Khloe Kardashian were tweeting their shock, dismay, and eventual annoyance with the rumor. Seems that they were genuinely shaken up about the potential news. Awww, poor reality stars -- it's okay, Cher's gonna be just fine, and I'm sure she's going to take to Twitter any minute now to set the record straight.


What I find kinda ironic about the hoax is that usually, celebs involved in these web death hoaxes aren't really out there in the social media-sphere to set the record straight, but Cher is actually pretty active on Twitter! So you'd think the woman would have jumped in ASAP (even in the middle of the night, since she's been known to keep up very chatty convos with her followers at all hours of the day) to tweet, "Uh, hey, I'm here, I'm fine -- SNAP OUT OF IT!!! #I'mAlive" (Big Moonstruck fan here.)

But that's not how it went down ... and instead, Kim, Khloe, and who knows however many other fabulous fans of the legend had almost-meltdowns over her possible death. I don't blame 'em, but it does kind of make me snicker a bit that even famous folks -- often the target of false rumors and silly gossip themselves -- are still susceptible sometimes to these crazy hoaxes. Kim and Khloe shouldn't necessarily be embarrassed by their reactions, per se, but maybe next time they hear their favorite diva has died, they should attempt to track down a legit news report before tweeting their shock or lament.

Have you ever been fooled by a celebrity death hoax online?


Image via Twitter

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