Don't Hate Kim Kardashian for Googling Herself -- You Would Too!

kim kardashianSaying that Kim Kardashian is vain ... well, it's the understatement of the century. Of course she's vain. Her wildly lucrative livelihood is hugely dependent on her standing around and looking pretty. She has to be vain. It's cool, though -- all celebrities are, not just her. And you know what every single one of them -- whether they admit it or not -- does? They Google themselves. They Google themselves like the dickens. All day, every day. Of course, typically this is done when they're in the privacy of their own homes.

Not Kim, though. She thought she'd be slick and try to sneak in a quick Googling sesh while out and about recently. And thanks to the paparazzi's crazy high-def, super zoom, intergalactic cameras, poor girl was busted.


Earlier on this week, the 31-year-old was caught Googling herself while leaving a Los Angeles spa. Actually, she was caught reading a Google Alert about herself. For those of you not vain enough to have or even know what a Google Alert is, it basically is an email sent to you when Google finds new results -- web pages, articles, blogs posts -- that match your search term. In Kim's case, "Kim Kardashian" was the search term.

I can't say that I'm surprised that Kim has a Google Alert set up for her name -- I know plenty of non-celebs who have Alerts set up. And after all, her name is her business -- both literally and figuratively. I'm just the tiniest bit surprised that she was walking around so cavalier about the whole thing. I mean, most people would try to keep that crap under wraps, no? Then again, Kim isn't most people. And, hey, wouldja look at that -- her Googling herself for articles and blog posts about herself just got her another blog post! It's like a snake eating its own tail. If you're reading this, "Hi Kim!"

Do you have a Google Alert set up for anything? Like, oh, I don't know, The Stir?


Image via jla0379/Flickr

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