'Mad Men' Might Reunite Don Draper With an Ex-Lover We Love to Hate

betty and don on amc mad menMad Men season five will be here before we know it, but I'm still counting the days until March 25, when the AMC drama returns. And like most fans, I'm freakin' about every little potential spoiler creator Matthew Weiner is dropping in interviews leading up to the two-hour (whee!) season premiere titled, "A Little Kiss." The latest is being called a "shocker," and for good reason. It's a plot line that could totally rock Don's -- and thus, our -- world.

Weiner told TV Guide that he likes the titles of the episodes to have "some kind of synergy with the show so it will pique your interest," so clearly, there's going to be a revolutionary kiss ... likely between Don and one of the leading ladies. But the question is, which lady, being that there are more than a few in Don's life ...


When asked if we should assume Don's just gonna kiss his secretary-turned-wife Megan (which seems like sort of a "drr" question to me, being that something as innocuous as that wouldn't warrant an entire episode TITLE), Weiner replied, "Who says Megan's even going to be part of Don's life?" BOOM! He explained:

He may be back with Betty. One of my favorite scenes from (the season four finale) was when Betty offered herself to him again. And let's face it -- those two look really good together.

Hmm ... I did feel like there was some foreshadowing going on there between Don and Betty at the end of season four's finale. And it's true, they do look all sorts of '60s glam plasticine-perfect together. But that doesn't mean they're perfect with one another. Yeesh! Do you remember how Betty was all sorts of evil last season?! Seeing her get back together with Don would definitely spur love-hate feelings from the fans. It may even be worse than seeing him all flowers and lollipops happy with his random new wife.

Well, whether you're Team Betty, Team Megan, or Team Faye (remember her? I totally thought she and Don were gonna be an item, and then ...), you gotta admit this is gonna be HUGE. Why would Weiner float that idea if there wasn't at least a seed of truth to it? Guess we just have to wait til March 25 to find out where Don's lips land!

Would you want to see Don and Betty reunite?


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