Kim Richards' 'Alcoholic' Admission Is a Step in the Right Direction

kim richardsKim Richards has finally come clean. No pun intended. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has recently cleared up her often-erratic behavior this season by admitting to Andy Cohen that she is, in fact, an alcoholic. During part of the three-part Real Housewives reunion, Kim tells Andy, "I'm an alcoholic ... I'm an alcoholic."

Kim, who checked herself into a rehab facility late last year, did not sit down with sister Kyle and the other girls for the show's reunion special, but instead taped a separate one-on-one with Andy.

Gotta love Bravo -- always finding ways to cash in.


As icky as it is that the network's going to make a buck off of Kim's story, I think it's good that she decided to steer clear of the group reunion. Those things always get nasty. And, truthfully, even though Kim is on the path to recovery, I still don't think she's strong enough for a show like that. It brings up too much crap from the past. And there are always fights, and there are always tears.

It would have taken the most naive person ever to walk planet earth to not know that something was wrong with Kim this season, but I really respect her for both getting help and admitting it to the world. That can't be easy for anybody, but it's gotta be particularly grueling for a "celebrity."

The only thing that concerns me in the slightest is the fact that Kim was also seen popping a lot of prescription pills this season. She always seemed to be rummaging through her bag, and pulling out some sort of translucent orange bottle with a white top. I hope she's gotten help for this, too. It would be a shame if she came such a long way only to take two steps back again. Hang in there, girl.

Do you think Kim has a problem with prescription meds as well? Do you think it was smart for her to sit the reunion out?


Image via Bravo

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