Brandi Glanville's Tryst With Gerard Butler Makes Her the Coolest Housewife Ever

brandi glanvilleAndy Cohen owes Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville a big old thank you. On his show Watch What Happens Live, Brandi and Lisa Vanderpump stopped by to discuss the season finale and, whoops, wouldn't you know it, some secrets popped out. (But before we get to that, can I just take a moment here to say that I thought the finale was terribly boring? Who cares about Pandora? And what the eff was Lisa wearing? They should've made the second to last episode the finale. At least the entire cast was in that one. Focusing on pink-obsessed Pandora and her Barbie-themed wedding just felt weird.)

Anyway! Back to Brandi. On the after-show, Andy asked her Brandi what she'd say to LeAnn Rimes if they were locked in a room together. Playing it classy, Brandi declined to answer. Then, throwing absolutely all sense of classiness right out the window, she goes on to tell us in her very next breath all about her week-long tryst with actor Gerard Butler.


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Her contradictions are so amusing -- it makes her very exciting to watch. Not only is she feuding with Hollywood D-listers like LeAnn, but she's hooking up with Hollywood A-listers like Gerard. And then kissing and telling! It's like she's our super rich, super skinny, super connected best friend who lives in L.A. and can't wait to impress us with her name-dropping and drunken antics. It's what I've always wanted in a bestie.

She didn't stop after simply admitting to hooking up with the 300 star, she gave us all the dirty little details, too. Calling him an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10, apparently Gerard's got some skillz in the bedroom. As if we had any doubt.

If Bravo knows what's good for them, they'll keep Brandi around for as long as possible. Give this woman an invitation to the Vanity Fair Oscar party and see what happens. I'm sure we'll hear about it one way or another, either on RHOBH or on Andy's show, and really, it's all we want. The more gossip from Brandi, the better. She's fun, she's sexy, and she does things we could only dream of. Brandi Glanville, here's to you and all your tactlessness. We love you for it. Never change.

What's your opinion of Brandi?


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