Even Simon Cowell & Will Smith Can't Make This Reality Show Work

dj boothHey you know what this world needs? Another reality show. It's like Extreme Couponing and the 129th season of Survivor just aren't enough, you know? Glad to hear that Simon Cowell agrees with me -- the latest news is that Cowell, the surly musical judge we fell in love with on Idol and completely ignored on X-Factor, is teaming up with Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith to produce a reality competition show about disc jockeys.

I'm not making this up. Apparently Cowell's entertainment company and the Smiths' entertainment company are quite literally working on a DJ-themed reality show.


A singing competition, I understand. A dance competition, I understand. A weight-loss competition, I sort of understand, but a show about people playing other people's music on their MacBooks on stage? I do not understand that.

I don't care how hot DJs are right now, there's no part of me that wants to know more about their, what should we call it ... craft. I don't deny that it takes talent to create a mash-up or seamlessly intertwine Madonna's "True Blue" with some hip hop song du jour. What I question is how entertaining a show about DJs can be. I mean, I feel like it's going to be Girl Talk and Samantha Ronson wearing headphones (one on the ear, one on the shoulder, obvs) crouched over laptops in a room with a laser machine, with Simon Cowell yelling at them how much they suck. Fun?

The only thing mildly intriguing about this idea is that it will have a global format, which I understand to mean it will have international contestants and will air across the globe. If that's true, then I really hope there's audience voting from home -- it'd be like the Olympic ice skating judgements but on a ginormous scale. It could be very entertaining if it's DJs from one country versus DJs from another in a subjective event where everyone with a phone is allowed a vote. The Russian judges will hate everything.

Guess we'll have to wait and see what happens.

Would you watch a reality competition about DJs?


Photo via waitscm/Flickr

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