Demi Moore Drops 'Lovelace' for Rehab & Shows How Serious Things Are

Demi Moore has definitely had a rough couple of months. As pretty much the entire world knows, in November she dealt with a very public split from Ashton Kutcher after he reportedly had a series of extra-marital flings, and late Monday night, she was rushed to a hospital for an "unknown illness" and is now seeking professional treatment. Whether or not she's truly suffering from exhaustion, as her rep said, it doesn't seem that Moore is planning to step back into the spotlight any time soon.

In fact, if there was any question about how serious her condition is, it may have been answered with the confirmation that she's officially pulled out of her role as Gloria Steinem in the upcoming biopic Lovelace.


This is sad news for the actress on a number of fronts. For one, I thought the empowered feminist role sounded really perfect for her at this particular stage in her life—not only to help rehabilitate her image in the wake of Kutchergate, but it also seemed like a much-needed career boost to score a part in a movie that's getting a ton of buzz.

Rumors have been swirling that Moore's seeking treatment for substance abuse, and if that's true, it wouldn't be the first time. She reportedly did a two-week stint in rehab back in the '80s, after “drugs and alcohol took their toll” on her early career efforts. A history of alcoholism also runs in Moore’s family, with her estranged mother, Virginia Guynes, having racked up a long record of arrests for crimes, including drunken driving and arson.

It's not known what triggered the 911 call that sent Moore to the hospital earlier this week, but her rep's statement certainly implies that she's still struggling to deal with the divorce fallout:

Because of the stresses in her life right now, Demi has chosen to seek professional assistance to treat her exhaustion and improve her overall health.

Moore's choice to pull out of the Lovelace project sends the message that whatever she's dealing with, it's going to take a while for her to get back on track—and if she is in fact in treatment for addiction, that's probably a good sign. A person can't fight back their demons overnight, and it's smart for her to focus on her health rather than prioritizing her movie work.

Whatever's going on with Demi Moore, I hope she gets the help she needs, and emerges stronger than ever. We may miss her in Lovelace, but I'm sure she'll find something even better when she's ready.

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