'American Idol' Gave Jane Carrey Special Treatment -- Obviously! (VIDEO)

jane carrey talking to jim carrey on the phone
Jane calls her famous dad post-audition
By now, most American Idol fans or even fair-weather watchers know that Jim Carrey's daughter, Jane Carrey, auditioned by singing Bonnie Raitt's "Something to Talk About" and wooed Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler, and J. Lo. Even though Jane said she doesn't want to be handed success for being a celeb's kid, there's been a lot of buzz that her famous father has everything to do with her ticket to Hollywood.

A source exclusively told RadarOnline.com, "She didn’t have to sleep outside and wait for hours hoping to audition like everyone else. She basically had an appointment and showed up! American Idol always says they don’t give everyone favors, but this time they did for Jane.” Well ... I know this might come as an annoyance to "everyone else," but that's just the way Hollywood rolls, kids.


You can't tell me you're actually surprised that a celeb's kid would get fast-tracked on Idol, right? Clearly the producers wanted the star appeal on the show. The post-audition moment when she calls Jim? You couldn't script a more priceless TV moment! (Oh, wait, well, maybe you could ...) 

What's more, I would think as Jim's daughter, Jane's sort of, well, above American Idol. She can say she doesn't want to ride her dad's coattails all she wants, but the truth is that if she asked, I'm sure Jim would make a call or two, and she could have been sitting across from the CEO of Interscope or Sony discussing her debut album, oh, I don't know, yesterday. Sure, it's cool that she'd rather take the American Idol route, but the reality is that she can't exactly avoid who her dad is. If only because Idol producers wouldn't be able to resist plugging that. 

In the end, it's a TV show, not a charity. FOX wants Idol's ratings to soar, and if one way to do that is by making this season a little more Dancing With the Stars and a little less any American's game, then so be it.

Here's her audition if you missed it ...


Does it annoy you if Jane Carrey got preferential treatment for her Idol audition?

Image via AmericanIdol.com

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