Oscar Nominations 2012 Totally Snubbed Ryan Gosling

I've read several different articles about the Oscar nominations this morning, and yet there seems to be some sort of widespread clerical error in what's being reported. Everything I'm seeing online says that the Best Actor category is made up of the following list: Demián Bichir, George Clooney, Jean Dujardin, Gary Oldman, and Brad Pitt. But clearly there's been a huge, embarrassing mistake—because WHERE THE HELL IS RYAN GOSLING?

I mean, is it possible someone biffed the original Academy announcement? Someone didn't double-check the press release before it hit the wires? The 6,000 artists and professionals that make up the Academy have been replaced by a single pygmy burro? What other explanation can there be for not including Ryan Gosling in this year's list?


After all, 2011 was the so-called Year of the Gosling for a damn good reason. Gosling was hilarious and lovable in Crazy, Stupid, Love; he was the runaway star (among some impressive competition) in Ides of March; and he was absolutely, positively MESMERIZING in Drive.

I loved his performance in Drive so much I'm having a really hard time understanding how he didn't make it to the Oscars list for that role. Or, for that matter, the Screen Actors Guild Awards, or even the freaking People’s Choice Awards.

Maybe it's that he lost his Best Actor Golden Globe nomination to George Clooney, which put Clooney on the Oscar fast-track or something. But did George Clooney stop hearts across the nation when he manfully broke up a street fight? (While rocking a decidedly unmanly striped tank top and high-water pants, even?) Did George Clooney trigger a wave of protests and outrage when he wasn't picked as People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive? Did George Clooney have an entire bizarro web culture phenomenon created in his honor? Hey girl. I don't think so.

Ryan Gosling definitely turned it out in 2011, and it's a bummer that out of three critically-acclaimed film roles, he didn't manage to land a single Oscar nod. The good news is that he's a young guy with plenty of time to pull down some industry accolades, and I'm pretty sure this past year was no fluke as far as his screen talent is concerned. Hopefully 2012 ends up being his Academy-recognized year, and I hope it's for a role that leverages his charm, badassery, humor ... and glorious award-winning obliques.

Are you surprised Ryan Gosling didn't make the Oscar list?

Image via Flickr/gdcgraphics

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