Kim Kardashian Uses Body Makeup Like It's Her Job (VIDEO)

kim kardashianI wonder if Kim Kardashian has an assistant whose job it is to empty Costco-size vats of L'Oreal's True Match makeup into a tub every morning so that Kim can just hop right in, dunk herself, drip dry for half an hour, then get ready for the day. It might not be too far off -- Kim was on Live With Kelly yesterday and admitted to using a lot of body makeup. She said she was happy her seat wasn't white, implying that if it were, she'd stain the darn thing with permanent taupe thigh marks or something. The weird part was that Kelly actually concurred, saying that she may have to switch to black sheets since her body makeup rubs off and gets everywhere.

What's with all this body makeup and where can I get my hands on it?


It sounds like it's the new thing. I thought self-tanner was a leap, but hell, if I can just directly apply scoops of cover-up to my arms and legs and be accepted in society, I'm all for it. It's what Kelly and Kim do, and if it's good enough for those millionaires, it's good enough for me.

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Kim uses it to cover up her psoriasis -- I think we've all seen, begrudgingly or not, that episode of one of those Kardashian shows (was it Keeping Up? Kourtney & Khloe? Kourtney & Kim? Khloe & Lamar? I forget) where Kim freaks out about the intense dry skin patches on her legs, and then mama Kris is all, Whoops! You got that from me. I can see where Kim's (over)reaction came from, her body is her money maker, and if it's covered in red bumps and scabs, well, that's probably bad for business.

What I liked about her appearance on Kelly is that she seemed calmer about her condition and was ready to talk about it openly and honestly. She lamented that the cold and dry weather in NYC made it worse on her arms, and that she has marks on her legs that are still visible regardless of the leg makeup.

She seemed, wait for it, down to earth about her psoriasis, which, you know, is kind of surprising. I don't know what specific body makeup she uses, but a simple Google search returned a lot of options. There are ones for face and body, ones just for legs, ones just for decolletage, etc.

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I don't think we need to go to the extremes that Kim and Kelly go through to cover up our body skin flaws since we're not on HD TV ever, but I like that their little convo brought the body makeup option to light. It might be something worth trying, and if you do, watch out for white seats. You heard it from Kim first.

Watch Kim and Kelly talk about body makeup:

Have you ever dabbled in the body makeup?


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