Seal's Wedding Ring Says So Much About Split With Heidi Klum (VIDEO)

seal wedding ring with Ellen
Seal explains to Ellen why he's wearing his wedding ring
Rumors abound that Seal and Heidi Klum are ending their marriage over the singer's fiery temper, while other gossip claims they grew apart, but judging from Seal's upcoming appearance on Ellen, I'm more apt to believe the latter. In fact, I'd guess that it's more like Heidi feels she grew apart from Seal, given the fact that the guy's still wearing his wedding ring!

Thank goodness Ellen wasn't too shy to bring it up, because that simple band of gold is one huge elephant in the room! Seal had no problem confirming and acknowledging that he and Heidi are splitting up, so why on earth is the guy still rocking an obvious symbol of their commitment?


Here's Seal telling Ellen why he's still wearing the band ...

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His explanation is almost as sweet as one of his soulful love songs. I do think it's romantic that he seems to think a separation or even divorce shouldn't change his connection to his wife or the fact that he thinks she's the "most wonderful woman in the world" or, of course, the mother of his children. Even if you forget the words -- just choosing to continue wearing that wedding band speaks volumes.

Wedding bands can have whatever significance you assign them, sure, but I don't think it's ever going to be "just a ring" or just a way to show you're "connected" in some vague way to your spouse. Not being ready to take it off must mean you're still invested and committed to that relationship. I also think it sends the message to others that your heart is still in the marriage. Not that what other people think about your wedding band should matter, but if you're actually ready to move on, appearing married couldn't possibly help with that process.

I really get the impression that by refusing to take off the band just yet, Seal's not quite ready to call it quits with Heidi. Or it could be he's just looking for sympathy. Who knows, but hopefully they really do conduct this separation/divorce "with dignity," as he said, for their children's sake.

Do you think it's weird to continue wearing a wedding band after a split?


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