Oscar Nominations 2012 Include One Hilarious Surprise

oscar nominations 2012If you're George Clooney, you've had one hell of a morning. The Oscar nominations 2012 were announced this a.m. and everyone's favorite bachelor is all over that list. From The Descendants to Ides of March, from Best Picture to Lead Actor to Best Screenplay, Clooney's work has been recognized across the board. The only thing missing from the list of Academy Award nominations is a golden statue championing his dating prowess -- not just any man can pin a lady wrestler.

Clooney's nods don't come as a surprise, but there was one thing I found a little surprising when reviewing the page of nominees. Is that Bridesmaids I see on the list? Twice?


I don't think I would've been more surprised, nor ecstatic, if I'd seen Glee: The 3-D Movie Concert nominated for Best Picture, Best Soundtrack, Best Everything Ever. The fact that Bridesmaids got some love makes me want to stand up and do some air punches. I'm so thrilled, in fact, that I'm about to say something to that all-star, all-female cast that I've never said before for so many reasons, not the least of which is that I'm white and from the suburbs ... you go girls. You go.

Bridesmaids is on the nominations list in two spots: Melissa McCarthy for Supporting Actress and Annie Mumolo and Kristen Wiig for Original Screenplay. I couldn't agree more with the categories mentioned -- Melissa was so subtly funny and yet so over the top in the movie that her comedic range alone deserves its own trophy. And the screenplay, my god, the screenplay. We all know by now that it put female comedies on the map, proved that funny women can carry a movie and sell tickets, and that Wilson Phillips is gone, but not forgotten. Of course it deserves an Oscar nod.

The Academy Awards airs February 26, so we'll have to wait 'til then to see if any of our Bridesmaids takes home the win. But before now and then, the only thing we have to do is see The Artist. It got 10 nominations overall. I mean, I suppose after that poop scene in Bridesmaids, we could use a little culture, huh?

What surprised you about the Oscar nominations?


Photo via Dave B/Flickr

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