Jim Carrey's Daughter Doesn't Deserve 'American Idol' Golden Ticket (VIDEO)

jane carreyI'm not sure if you noticed, but following the hours and hours of football on Sunday, there was an American Idol episode. It was a nice palate cleanser after suffering through the stress of the Ravens' loss (laces out!) and the Giants' overtime nail-biter. We suddenly found ourselves transported to San Diego for the auditions and J. Lo, Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler, Ryan Seacrest, and contestants were on a docked aircraft carrier for the day. We saw a girl in a bikini top with huge boobs try and carry a tune, saw a frat boy sing the gosh darn lights out, and one unsuspecting young woman named Jane Carrey come in front of the judges. With a familiar smile, American Idol teased the heck out of Jane's audition, warning us before commercial breaks that we should stay tuned lest we miss finding out who's her famous father.

I have to admit, it worked. I bought into it hook, line, and singer. Jane's dad, if you didn't put my poorly strung clues together, is Jim Carrey.


Jane came before the trio of judges and J. Lo freaked out a bit, asking Jane if she remembered her from the Fly Girls era on In Living Color. Apparently, Jim brought Jane on set once and the two met.

But enough about Jim, let's talk about Jane. She seems like a down-to-earth girl with an effortless charm who likes singing. I'm sure it's been bizarre growing up in her dad's shadow, but Jane has no visible scars. She sang Bonnie Raitt's "Something to Talk About" and did a good job. Just, good, not great. It was a little weak overall. She sounded just fine, hit all her notes, but there was no power behind her performance, and as the judges pointed out, she couldn't connect with the audience because her eyes were closed.

How can you sing Bonnie Raitt without passion? It's sacrilege and borderline offensive. However, it didn't bother J. Lo and crew too much -- they gave her a golden ticket to Hollywood.

Now. I'm not saying she got through because of her dad, but I'm pretty sure she got through because of her dad. Had that been anyone else up there in a shapeless flowery top and a good but not great voice, they would've said thanks but no thanks, come back in a few years when you've had time to practice your craft.

Jane's a perfectly lovely woman and I'm sure she's musically very talented, but she's not the next American Idol. I predict she won't make it through Hollywood week; that she'll be sent home during the first or second round of massive eliminations. There's no part of me that's bitter she made it through, it's not like she took the place of someone more deserving since there seems to be no cap on the amount of golden tickets handed out, but I don't have high expectations for her on the show.

Who knows, though, maybe she'll bring it and prove me wrong. Stranger things have happened (for godsake, McCreery won last year.) But I have a feeling in a few months from now we'll be like, what was that girl's name again? Swim? Swammi? Slippy? Slappy? Swenson? Swanson? Janey! I was way off.

Do you think Jane deserved a golden ticket?


Photo via americanidol.com

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