Surprise: Kris Humphries' Latest Relationship Crumbles After 73 Days

Sad news for Kris Humphries, you guys. It seems that Kim Kardashian's famous ex is having to endure yet another painful breakup, and this one's sounding all too familiar.

Like his marriage, the relationship lasted only a few months, and it would appear that the primary reason for the falling out had to do with mismatched expectations. While things initially started out well, eventually they didn't see eye to eye ... and the relationship buckled under the strain of some major disagreements.

That's right, Humphries has dumped his publicity team. Oh, will the strapping young 26-year-old ever find love?


Humphries has reportedly ended his professional relationship with his PR team, Anderson Group Public Relations, after 73 days of increasingly troubled partnership. Yes, apparently Humphries and Anderson Group managed to stay together exactly one day longer than his marriage to Kim—so perhaps he's growing and maturing?

TMZ reports that Humphries signed with Anderson Group after his marriage fell apart
, in order to get some advice on how to handle his image troubles. While the basketball star recently signed a juicy new contract with the Nets, he's been booed at recent games—and of course there was that awkward Good Morning America appearance last month.

In fact,
that GMA interview (you know, where he clumsily attempted to deflect a series of questions about his personal life, as though he could have possibly been surprised the subject of his world-famous divorce was going to come up) just may have been the straw that broke the PR relationship's back. Anderson Group was reportedly displeased with how Humphries handled the interview, and Humphries was reportedly pissed that he was "ambushed" with questions about his marriage.

In other words, Humphries apparently thought
throwing a bucketload of money at a PR firm would make all the bad things go bye bye, and Anderson Group didn't know they had signed a mouth-breathing dunderhead. Look, I'm not saying he is a mouth-breathing dunderhead, I'm just saying he seems like one.

Word on the street is that Humphries has already secured a new PR firm in New York, and the plan is to
focus completely on his basketball career. Sounds like a good move, although I'll be interested to see what happens after Day 74.

Do you think Humphries' image problem can be fixed by a PR firm?

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