Johnny Depp Is Officially the Hottest Vampire in Hollywood

dark shadowsJohnny Depp has done it again. (Again.) And I'm not even talking about the caliber of his performance in the upcoming Tim Burton collaboration Dark Shadows, in which Depp stars as the iconic vampire Barnabas. It goes without saying that Depp will be characteristically brilliant in the role.

But as recently released stills from the film prove, this time he's done something truly astounding.

He's managed to make long nails on a guy look hot.

They should give the man an Oscar just for that!


Now, I know some of you will disagree with me. I know not every Johnny Depp fan on the planet is 100% behind Burton's Barnabas vision. And I'll admit, it's about as Burton-esque as Burton can get. 

But come on, Johnny Depp can work it! He's Johnny freakin' Depp!

Who are we kidding here? Long nails or not, Depp is clearly going to take the Hottest Hollywood Vampire Ever crown once Dark Shadows comes out. (Sorry, RPattz ... there's a new vamp in town and he's lookin' good.)

(The Hottest SINGLE Hollywood Vampire Ever, ahem.)

Look at this shot. He even rocks those weird sticky bangs. (And yes, that is Michelle Pfeiffer.)

dark shadows

And check out that coat! My prediction: The goth look is gonna come back, big time.

Do you think Johnny Depp looks amazing as Barnabas?

Images via Warner Bros.

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