Hallie Day Has the Voice to Win 'American Idol' Season 11 (VIDEO)

Hallie Day 'American Idol'While channel surfing last night, I stumbled upon the second half of American Idol. After hearing that the ratings from Wednesday's premiere were way down -- I was curious to see what the hype is (well isn't) about. The good news: it looks like this season, they're focusing on more of the good singers, and less of those annoying wretchedly bad auditions. The bad news: in less than 10 minutes, I was sorta bored. That was until Hallie Day came along and that all changed.

By golly, this 24-year-old waitress from Baltimore is amazeballs. Actually, she's better than that. She's ridiculously fantastic. The tone in her voice is so beautiful, and dare I say it, she may very well be better than half of the female artists on the Billboard chart right now. 

I have almost no doubt about it, Hallie Day will be in the top 5. Actually, I don't think it's wrong to think she very well could take home the American Idol title.

Watch Hallie's audition, Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive," here:


Amazing, right?

Hallie has all of the "ingredients" for a great Idol. She's got the intriguing backstory. The woman overcame addiction and attempted suicide. Singing "I Will Survive" couldn't have been a better choice for her to show the judges she's beyond that and at a better place in her life.

She's got the support. Hallie told Idol that her new husband is a huge reason why she was there to audition in the first place. Every great contestant always has a solid support system. Hello, all potential stars need great people in the audience to hold up their motivation posters!

Of course, she's got the look. Her face is distinctive, and while the cut of her blonde hair may be a bit blah, that's definitely something that can be tweaked. Hell, there have been loads of Idol finalists that looked WAY worse off at the beginning of the competition (cough, Jennifer Hudson, cough). And her deep red pout? Ugh! A girl after my own heart.

I'm telling ya, watch out for this one Idol fans. She's gonna be huge.

What do you think of Hallie's audition? Did you watch American Idol this week?


Image via Idol2012TV/YouTube

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