'True Blood' Season 5 Spoiler: Bill & Eric Shocker!

bill eric true bloodSookie, Sookie, Sookie. Bet you thought when you ended things with both Bill AND Eric the two vamps would just give up on life ... er, death ... you know what I mean. Bet you figured those boys would do nothing but sit around and sulk for months, their cheeks all streaked with bloody tears. But you were wrong, honey!

Quite frankly, Sookie ... they don't give a damn.

Well, maybe they give a little bit of a damn. But according to Alexander Skarsgard himself, Bill and Eric are too ... distracted to waste night after night reminiscing about the fairie that got away.

Distracted by what, you ask? Distracted by whom??


Distracted by ... each other! NO LIE. Bill and Eric apparently forge quite a bond in Season 5. Says Skarsgard:

"The guys have usually tried to kill each other and now suddenly have to learn to become friends and protect each other and work together."

“The attraction [to Sookie] is still there, but they're preoccupied, and so is she."

Hmm. Hmmmmm. Now this should be interesting!

Of course we already knew Sookie was going to have the whole Quinn thing keeping her busy. And you know what? Bill and Eric need some brotherly bonding time. They need some solid dude time. They need to hang out and watch video games and listen to Rush

Okay, maybe not. But you see what I'm getting at? True Blood Season 5 is going to be boy's night, every night!

I'll definitely be watching ...

Do you think Eric and Bill will end up being BFFs by the end of Season 5?


Image via HBO

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