‘O.J. Simpson Is Khloe Kardashian’s Real Dad’ Has to Be the Silliest Rumor Yet

national enquirer oj is khloe's dadI already thought the rumors that Khloe Kardashian is not actually Robert Kardashian's biological daughter were cruelly off-base. But we haven't even reached the top of the turd pile yet -- nope, the rag that reached that summit this week has to be the National Enquirer. They just ran a cover claiming that former Kardashian client, celebrity athlete, and alleged murderer O.J. Simpson is Khloe's real father!

I'll let that sink in a little bit, because I can't get Darth Vader's voice out of my head right now. "LUKE, I AM YOUR FATHER." NOOOO! I know we're all used to the Enquirer making all sorts of specious claims, but this one takes the cow patty for pure ridiculousness -- which is more or less why even sister Kim was mocking it yesterday.


Kim posted a photo of the tabloid cover via Twitter, tartly adding, "Now we have all the answers! It makes sense now! Khloe u are so tan!" The Enquirer cover includes side-by-side photos of Khloe and Simpson's own daughter Sydney and -- OMG! They both have long brown hair! Just like 30 percent of the women in LA! Did O.J. father them all?!?

This story must be getting old for the Kardashian girls. I mean, being the butt of jokes over ending your five-second marriage is one thing: That's something Kim did to herself. But it's not Khloe's fault that the Kardashian ex-wives club is piling up on her like this. What did Khloe ever do to them?

Anyway, Kim's mocker of the National Enquirer no doubt gives all the sibs some much-needed comic relief! I don't want to believe these latest rumors are true -- not just because I wouldn't wish that sordid mess on anyone, but also because who wants the National Enquirer to be right about anything?!? That would be even crazier than O.J. being Khloe's real dad.

Do you think there's even a remote possibility that O.J. Simpson is Khloe's real father?


Image via National Enquirer

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