Kris Jenner Doesn't Understand Kardashian Mania

Kris JennerKris Jenner may be the brilliant momager of the Kardashian sisters, but her latest move is awfully dumb. Word has it the matriarch is responsible for killing the deal with American Media Inc. (AMI) to create the sisters' first magazine, a fanzine that would have earned them beaucoup bucks for just being themselves!

Sources told the New York Post Jenner was just too overbearing (cough, cough), requiring final say on every inch of print before it could go to the presses. Apparently this brilliant marketing maven has yet to figure out the single most important thing about her daughters' appeal to the masses!


The masses don't want to hear happy, happy, yay, yay about the Kardashians. We want the dirty details! The scandals! The Dash dirt! Jenner had promised she'd be dishing on her gorgeous daughters, so the idea that she said it should be "wall-to-wall positive coverage" just doesn't make a lot of sense, does it?

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Didn't she see the way Kim's divorce commanded the attention of every major media organization in the world, and every person out there besides? It might not have been perfectly positive, but it didn't hurt the magazine plans the way she has, or the nail polish sales, or the reality shows, or the book sales or . . .

It's the old adage: there's no such thing as bad publicity.

And it's not that we need everything to be bad, per se. For every "Kim kaught kanoodling with X" story, Kris could have been loading us up on the gossip that would have made it into the other mags anyway, but keeping the money for her family.

You know you'd love to pick up a mag and read that Khloe and Lamar were finally able to conceive that much coveted baby or four. A nice "Khloe to Have Kuads" story or two would fit under my definition of "scoop," wouldn't you agree? And a space granted to Kourtney to rant freely about how to deal with one's douchebag baby daddy while parenting his toddler and carrying his second baby would reflect quite nicely on the sisters K without being too "positive."

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But nope, it won't be happening. Because for one smart lady, Kris Jenner can be a bit of dim bulb.

Would you have bought a copy of the Kardashian magazine if Kris Jenner had been able to sanitize it all?


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