Rachel Berry's Gay Dads on 'Glee' Will Not Disappoint

rachel berry performingRyan Murphy's current Glee strategy? Totally working for me! The guy's got us on the edge of our seats with the Finchel proposal that went down Tuesday night, and now, we're find out from a source on TV Line that Rachel Berry's gay dads are cast and ready to go! 

Okay, so they're definitely not a couple of the big names that had been thrown around for a few months. But that's okay. There's still plenty of reason to get behind the actors who were cast. 

Drum roll please ...


Reportedly, actor Jeff Goldbum (he was so cute in Earth Girls Are Easy, right? Anyone, anyone? Alright, how about Jurassic Park?) and Broadway vet Brian Stokes Mitchell are the lucky men who will portray the mini-diva's adoptive pops, Hiram and LeRoy Berry!!

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While neither actor is likely a household names to most young fans, I'm sure we won't be disappointed. I'm positive their casting had a lot to do with their ability to sing, dance, and well, sparkle ... just as much as one Lea Michele!

Yup, Rachel's dads will be performing in the episode they appear in, which is the Valentine's Day themed one, airing on V-Day, called "Heart." Given Brian Stokes Mitchell's rezzie -- the guy has starred in Ragtime, Man of La Mancha, Jelly’s Last Jam, and Kiss Me Kate (for which he won a Tony Award) -- he will no doubt be the perfect showman you could totally see having raised a Bette Midler-in-training like Rachel. And Jeff Goldblum? SO funny! His comic timing is spot-on, and he's got dashing charismatic charm. (I remember my mom confessing to having a major crush on him in the '80s ...) 

Long story short, we can trust Ryan Murphy cast them for a reason, and I for one can't wait for their episode to air!

What do you think of these two playing Rachel's dads?


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