‘American Idol’ Is Dying a Slow Death, You Guys

american idol

Quick, somebody get me a soapbox, because it's, drum roll please ...  American Idol season! The season 11 premiere debuted last night and like a diligent little fan, I was on my couch ready to absorb all the entertaining awkwardness. And there I remained for two hours as the show fumbled along through the Savannah, Georgia auditions. I would like to say that there were some thrilling highs and lows, but, you know something? There weren't. The show was on an even keel the entire night and that's not a good thing in the least. When a Ryan Seacrest impersonator is the most exciting thing that happens all night, you know you've got problems.

And I'm not the only one who thought last night was a major flop. Ratings were down. Way down. The premiere had the worst year-over-year ratings drop in the history of the series and was down 17 percent from last season. You guys. American Idol is dying.


Unless there's another huge shake-up on the judges' panel or with, god forbid, the host (if they get rid of Seacrest, I will kill myself), then the show will continue to slowly slide into TV history. Sure, it was probably hard to meet last year's premiere numbers -- everyone tuned in then because we were curious to see how J. Lo and Steven Tyler would do. But now that their novelty has worn off, people are, well, less interested. And, please. It's not like we're getting our variety fix from the contestants.

They're all the same. You've got your blond country girls, your cute rocker boys, your underdog social outcasts who may or may not live in a car/tent/burnt-out house, your bartendresses with soulful voices, your young cherubs, and your old close-to-being has-beens. We saw them all last night, every single one of them. And we've seen them every season before. Don't even try to tell me Phillip Phillips is something new. He's not. He's Kris Allen. The end. So without new contestants or judges, what's there to tune in for?

Absolutely nothing. Especially when we've got other singing competitions to watch. The Voice is coming back after the Super Bowl and I'm really looking forward to that. They've got an original pool of talent. Carson Daly makes me cringe, but besides that, it's a great goddamn show.

So folks, I have low expectations for this season of Idol. I'm going to tune in every now and again, but that part of me that couldn't wait to watch is dying faster than Paula Abdul's career.

Did you watch Idol last night? What did you think?


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