Rachel Bilson's Rap Shows She’s More Gangsta Than Doctor (VIDEO)

Actors have to deal with public criticism all the time, and there are a number of tactics for doing so. You can obliviously defend the quality of your work, you can try and shift blame by undercutting the writers and producers (isn't that right, Kathering Heigl?), you can sheepishly try and pretend the role never happened. Or, if you're Rachel Bilson, you can release a hilarious self-deprecating rap video about your situation.

Thanks to FunnyOrDie.com, you can now watch Bilson channel her inner gangsta rapper—a persona that's nearly as believable as the physician she plays on Hart of Dixie—in order to brilliantly strike back at her critics. I wouldn't have called myself a fan of hers before, but I definitely am now.


Apparently Bilson's been getting some flak for her role as Dr. Zoe Hart on the CW's Hart of Dixie, possibly because the storyline (she plays a recent medical graduate who takes over her father’s half of a small town medical clinic) sounds like it was ground out of a particularly cheesy Hollywood script-o-meter.

In a new cuss-filled FunnyOrDie video, she comically slams those who claim she's gone downhill since her O.C. glory days, and she takes a few shots at some fellow actresses along the way.

Here's the video for "Call Me Doctor," but be forewarned, it's NSFW unless you're wearing headphones:

You've got to love how she was rude enough to drag the ever-troubled Mischa Barton down with her:

Did a couple movies, drank a couple juices, still they comin' at me like, 'Where ya been?' You should be asking Mischa Barton!

The normally sugar-sweet-looking Bilson is pretty damn funny in this, inviting bloggers to "get a pap smear with an oven mitt" while she menaces the camera with her fake gold teeth. Her Dixie co-stars Wilson Bethel (who wrote and produced the video) and Scott Porter also make an amusing appearance, seductively dancing around and spraying their … uh, car wash hoses.

You could argue that Natalie Portman did this first and maybe even did it better (on SNL in 2006), but I still got a kick out of it. It's a smart way for a typecast actor to briefly turn her image upside down, and by joking about her own detractors, she takes the sting out of the bad reviews. Really, any celebrity who's willing to poke fun at themselves instantly elevates their likability in my book, so even though I didn't know much about Bilson before now, I'm more likely to check her out in the future.

(Parody video of high-end lifestyle colonics called Poop: Gwyneth Paltrow and FunnyOrDie, you can have that one for free.)

What did you think of Rachel Bilson's video?

Image via Funny or Die

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