Prince Harry's Mt. Everest Climb Makes U.S. Politicians Look Lame

prince harryWe're always hearing about Prince William and Kate Middleton, so, I Googled ol' Prince Harry today to see what he's up to -- and it turns out, a lot. The younger royal brother is supposedly gearing up to climb Mount Everest for a charity he works with this spring. Yeah, like, the big mountain in Nepal.

Pretty cool that he could be sunning himself on a beach in St. Tropez come April, but instead he's choosing to do this. Kind of reminds me of some of the fine leaders we have here in the U.S. Not.


Here's the deal. Last year, Harry made a promise at the end of his North Pole expedition that he would join forces again with the soldier-benefiting charity he's involved with, Walking With the Wounded, when they endeavor to climb the world's highest mountain come spring. And lo and behold, it's almost spring. No official comment has been made, but according to his spokesman, "It will all depend on his Army commitments." Not gonna lie -- whether he goes or not is irrelevant to me at this point. The fact that he's willing to do this is impressive.

And it makes me wonder: Why don't we have two radical politically connected brothers like this in the United States?! What the hell? Would it have killed someone to have given birth to two handsome, smart, educated, well-rounded boys who are constantly engaging in various forms of kindness and philanthropy? And who are princes? Or political figures at the very least? Even one would be fine! I mean, we've got nothing like that here in States. I can't even think of two people who come close. I can't even think of two siblings.

Harry's off climbing Mt. Everest, Wills is off saving Russian sailors -- who do we have? The Bush twins? Anthony Weiner and his tawdry Tweets? Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Governator? Ugh, Rick Perry?

We and England seem to have a gross imbalance of awesomeness in the governments in our fine countries. I think they oughta ship one of the boys over to even out the score a bit. I vote Wills. He comes with Kate, right?

How awesome are Harry and William?



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