Alex McCord & Simon van Kempen Need to Go Away

alex mccordHey. Remember when Alex McCord was fired from The Real Housewives of New York? She and husband Simon van Kempen were canned from Bravo's reality show and I think everyone was surprised at how well they took the news. They were all, It's OK, we're moving on! But now, not so much. Apparently, the awkward pair from Brooklyn have been shopping around their own reality show to a ton of different networks, and in their pitch, they dig at the RHONY, saying they'd never again want to be associated with a faux-reality program.

Oh no. They didn't. There's a reason Alex and Simon were fired -- it's because they're boring as hell, in part because they're quasi-normal and party because they're just blundering social climbers with a clear agenda.


It's been clear from the start that Alex and Simon are very interested in the limelight, and possibly nothing else. Even though they both have other jobs -- I believe Simon is a hotel manager and Alex works as a consultant/has her own housewares business -- they can't stand that there aren't cameras rolling in their house Bravo paid for.

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The thing is, I don't really have anything against the pair. They seem like normal people who are just slightly addicted to fame, but it's time they give up on their dream to become America's favorite TV couple. It's not going to happen. Maybe some channel will give them the show they want, which, by the way, they want to call Based in Brooklyn, but I doubt anyone will watch.

Why? Because they're not fun to watch. Alex gets hives when she gets nervous and it's so hard to sit through that I start sprouting hives of my own. Simon, on the other hand, is wimpy yet duplicitous and it's tough to stomach someone who doesn't know who they are. In a word, Alex and Simon are cringe-worthy. Last time I checked, that didn't make for good TV.

Just, go away Alex and Simon. You're not doing yourselves any favors.

What do you think -- would you watch Alex and Simon's show if they got one?


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