'Glee' Tackles Important Military Topic in the Right Way

Finn 'Glee' Cory Monteith Over the past few seasons, a lot of difficult topics have been tackled on Glee at McKinley High. From sexuality to ethnicity, nothing's been off limits. On last night's episode, military service was added to the toughy list. After Mr. Schuester asked Finn to be his best man (!!!), Finn opened up to the teacher revealing his thoughts about joining the Army, just like his father had.

If you ask me, Ryan Murphy and the rest of the masterminds behind Glee handled the hot-button issue well. Mr. Schue knew how big of a decision enlisting is, and calling in Finn's parents to talk about it was definitely the right thing to do.

It's hard to think about Finn going away to serve his country and what it would mean for his friends and family. You know what, though? I think covering the concept of military service is a great thing for Glee and its viewers.


For a lot of graduating high schoolers, otherwise known as a big crop of the Glee fanbase, the idea of enlisting is a very prevalent one. Enlisting is a decision that affects not only their lives, but the lives of all of their loved ones. Even though the happenings on Glee aren't real (although sometimes it feels like it!), showing all of the aspects of Finn as a potential active member of the military could shine some light on what really goes into the whole process, from the initial sign-up to deploying abroad. 

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While I doubt that Glee would follow Finn outside of Lima into the service and chronicle his every doing, there are zillions of ways to track the effects of Finn's potentially life-altering decision around McKinley to show its impact. Seeing how Rachel reacts to the big news (I'd guess with lots of tears), for example, or watching the glee club put together care packages -- these are small components to a potential storyline that could mean big things to people who are really handling the same things.

Trust me, I've been there. Watching someone you love (in my case, a boyfriend) go off to war is scary. Having a primetime TV show, whether it's Glee or something else, cover what it's like for real military families not only helps first-handers cope, but enables the rest of America to learn about the experience from an outside perspective.

Military service is very, very real. Like many of the show's other controversial topics, if shipping the Glee hunk to war creates a dialogue in the home or classroom, then I say off he goes.

Do you think Finn will actually enlist? Would you be for it or against it?


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