Kate Middleton Copy Cats Need to Get a Life

kate middletonAs you know, Kate Middleton is responsible for all beauty and style decisions you make. Opted to take a shower today? It's because Kate did. Brushed your hair? That's soooo Kate. Walked through a cloud of just-spritzed perfume? Geez, why don't you just dye your hair a chestnutty shade of brown and move to England already. So, naturally, the Duchess is being held accountable for the recent Burberry sales boom.

Last year, shortly after Kate was spotted wearing a gorgeous flared Burberry trench coat, it sold out in every size within 24 hours. Of course, this shouldn't come to you as a surprise because lots of things Catherine wears sell out in even less time than that. But what's kind of (sort of) crazy is that the quintessential Brit brand saw a pretty hefty sales leap overall after that. And of course, they have the quintessential Brit to thank for that.


Now, I get wanting to dress like Kate. Really, I do. I'd be lying if I said I didn't wear a couple "fancy-for-me" things after the royal wedding as a nod to the future queen. But two things I don't get are: Where the hell are all these people getting the money to spend on Burberry clothes? And don't women realize that just because something looks good on Kate doesn't mean it's going to look good on them?

That Burberry trench that she was wearing? It was $1,000. And, save for like a key chain or something, so is most stuff from Burberry. Am I missing something here? How can all of these people afford this coat -- in 24 hours, no less? They didn't even have to wait to get paid.

And then there's the whole body issue. Look, I'm all for celebrating whatever your shape is and owning it and whatnot, but some things only look good on super tall, super thin women. And, if I can speak freely, I'm going to say that Burberry trench is one of those things.

All of Kate's clothes always immediately sell out. And I'm going to venture to guess that all the women buying them don't have Kate's physique. That's not an insult, it's just the truth. I think everyone buying Kate's stuff should think first. Is this going to look like it did on Kate on me? If the answer is "no, it will look much worse," spend your money elsewhere. Be inspired by Kate, no need to dress exactly like her. After all, she isn't dressing like anybody else.

Would you buy an exact article of clothing Kate had?


Image via lwpkommunikacio/Flickr

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