'Breaking Dawn, Part 2' Might Not Be the End of 'Twilight' After All!

edward bellaIf, like most Twi-Hards, you've already gone into premature mourning for the series (sure, we've still got Breaking Dawn, Part 2, but then it's over!), this might give you a reason to keep on going. So pick yourself up off the floor from that spot in front of your RPattz shrine where you've been collapsed in a heap for weeks, sobbing hysterically and shaking your fists at the vampire gods ...

Because Twilight will (probably maybe) be born again ... as a TV series.

Are you crying again? I know, tears of joy!

Twilight on the small screen makes perfect sense when you think about it ...


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There's already a humongoid built-in fan base, not to mention endless possible plot twists and potential spin-offs. Done deal. In fact, there's only one thing about the idea that doesn't have me jumping for joy ... just one major difference between the film series and a TV series that's gonna bite, quite frankly.

The TV show won't have the same cast as the movies!

Someone ELSE playing Edward besides Robert Pattinson? Taylor Lautner replaced as Jacob? A non-Kristen Stewart version of Bella?

I just don't know how I feel about that. Or rather I do know how I feel about that (really, really sad), but I don't know if the change would actually keep me from watching Twilight on TV.

Nah, I'll still watch it. Hey, maybe the movie gang can make guest appearances! Or at least occasionally do surprise walk-ons.

Quick, back to the RPattz shrine! Perhaps if we each light a candle to the vampire gods they'll make it happen!

Would you watch Twilight the TV series?


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