'Glee' Recap: A Real Housewife Is the New Sue Sylvester (VIDEO)

Glee castIt's back, it's back, it's back! The first Glee episode of 2012 finally arrived. And it was like a case of Sue Sylvester all over again. Yes/No was supposed to be all about Mr. Schuester's big marriage proposal for Emma Pillsbury. But then came along a wise-cracking trash-talking new character who doesn't even need a proposal.

She's already been a wife. A Real Housewife that is. Yes, she's finally here. And with just one episode under her belt, Real Houswives of Atlanta star Nene Leakes is already giving Jane Lynch a run for most likely to steal the thunder from the New Directions.


OK, so it kind of helps that the adorable Trouty Mouth-designed proposal sequence happened in the McKinley High School pool, where Nene is set to reign supreme as the new swimming coach, Roz Washington. Here the whole glee club is singing Rihanna's We Found Love, Artie's abandoned his wheelchair for water, Mr. Schue's in a top hat and white tails, and we're sitting in front of our TV sets wondering if Nene's going to pop back up to yell at the weird kids polluting her pool. Trying to spot her in the pool was almost enough to overshadow Emma saying yes (!).


This was an emotion-packed episode if there ever was one. Emma struggled with her OCD. Becky and Artie struggled with being disabled kids in high school. Finn wanted to join the military, and found out his dad was kind of a jerk. Mercedes fell back in love with Sam. Finn pledged eternal love to Rachel. Phew. . . did you get all that?

With all the drama of this bunch of hormonal high schoolers, we need Sue-style comic relief to take over! But the writers have softened Sue little by little over the past three seasons. We met her sister and had to admit she had a heart. We said goodbye to her sister and had to cry for her.

She just isn't bringing the mean in the same old way. But who better to do that than one of the Real Housewives?

Roz Washington's been loaded with that same my poo don't stink attitude as the coach of the Cheerios, and it makes her sharp as knives insults that much funnier. It's hard not to love a woman who can take one look at Sam and spit out, "I've never seen lips like that on a white child and one of your nipples is higher than the other."

Leakes gave us just the right counterbalance to the mushy gushy and the doom and gloom so we could just sit back and enjoy the music.

The good news is Nene's coming back. The bad news? We have to wait another two weeks for her, for Rachel's answer to Finn's promise ring (see what I mean about serious), and the Michael Jackson episode. So to get you by, I leave you with the mash-up of the night: Moves Like Jagger and Jumpin' Jack Flash:

Will you be humming this one until you see Nene again?


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