Kim Richards Can’t Stay Sober in the Hollywood Spotlight

kim richardsIn last night's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it was plain to see that Kim Richards needed help -- like, serious help -- when she checked herself into rehab this past December. But, if you ask me -- and I'm no doctor here -- I don't think a 30-day stint was enough time for the Bravo star. Judging from her wild antics last night, I think she could have stood to have been there a little longer. Say, 90 days. Especially since there were reports of her "trying to leave" during her time there, as well as her being "very defiant."

Well, apparently Kim begs to differ. Not only did she check herself out of rehab after a month, she's been a woman about town lately. She's been seen hitting up Hollywood hot spot (and paparazzi home-away-from-home) Mr. Chow, as well as hanging out at some beauty bar Golden Globes suite in West Hollywood.

Glad that Kim got help and all (no matter how long), but is it the best idea to jump back into the spotlight right away like this?


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I think it's common knowledge that being in the public eye and trying to get or stay sober don't mix. How many starlets have we seen dive head-first into Booze and Pharmaceutical Lake, thanks to Hollywood? Lindsay Lohan used to be a good girl -- remember?

I think Kim's best bet right now is to just lay low. Avoid the paparazzi, the photos, the questions, the pressure. If she didn't want to spend a super long time in rehab, or didn't feel that she needed to, she should at least try to keep things relaxed and calm in her personal life right now. And, although it may sound like a shock to some housewives, Hollywood doesn't do relaxed and calm.

Do you think Kim should lay low for a while?


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