Kim Kardashian Missed Out on the Best Marriage Proposal

kim kardashianNews flash: Kim Kardashian's marriage proposal from Kris Humphries? Apparently, totally staged! Whoever would have guessed?? Yes ... I am being sarcastic. Although it's something we all probably subconsciously knew when it happened (being that this family orchestrates every single minute of their lives), the whole truth is now coming out. A source dished to and explained how Kris wanted to propose to Kim in Minnesota, but he had absolutely no control over how it all went down.

"Kim told Kris how, where, and when to propose ... It was absolutely no surprise to her whatsoever," the source said. Ha! Wow, Kim. Way to suck the romance right out of your "fairy tale proposal."


When it comes to how much direction a bride-to-be should give her guy, I've got some mixed feelings. I say it's okay to express what you'd see the proposal being like, maybe in vague terms, you know ... Make sure he knows what your expectations are, if you're the kind of gal who wants a grand gesture or would prefer something very intimate. And I'm all about asking him for a time frame ... You've gotta make sure you're on the same page about things like that!

But on the other hand, being a control freak is not a good look on anyone, but what's more, it totally detracts from any spontaneity or magic. And what does it say about your relationship if you can't LET GO OF THE REINS and trust that your guy is going to do a good job with the whole she-bang? If you don't trust him enough to do it right, you probably shouldn't be saying "Yes!" anyway.

And that brings us back to Kim. Clearly, it seems like she should have never a.) told Kris to propose to her, b.) told him how to propose to her, and most of all, c.) never said "Yes!" Without trust and the ability to let go and let your guy do his thing, a relationship will probably suffocate to death ... or, as we all know now, in this extreme case, it was probably over well before it began.

Did you or would you ever "direct" your own marriage proposal?

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