Brody Jenner & Avril Lavigne Split, But Their Tattoos Will Last Forever

avril lavigneBrody Jenner, that gorgeous boy who's not on TV nearly enough, and Avril Lavigne, that little mall rocker chick that was famous about 10 years ago, called it quits after two years of dating. The pair reportedly had trouble balancing their career ambitions with their relationship and decided it was best if they remove themselves from the situation. But what they can't remove? Those tattoos they got of each other's names. Brody tattooed "Avril" with a star over the "i" on his forearm and Avril permanently inked "Brody" in cursive along her upper rib cage.

Ruh roh. I hear tat removals are pretty painful. But this little scenario here's got me thinking: Is getting inked with your love's name dumb love, or just dumb?


In Brody and Avril's case, it would seem to be a combination of both. At 26 years old, these two wild and crazy kids are old enough to think they know what they're doing and young enough to not realize the consequences. Plus, they're super rich and quasi-famous; that always seems to cloud one's judgement. They got inked shortly after they started dating and now, well, the love may have worn off, but those tattoos sure haven't.

Personally, I would never in a million years tattoo my boyfriend or husband's name anywhere on my person -- I feel like that's asking for it. A kiss of death, if you will. And fate's not something I really want to tempt when it comes to everlasting love. A tattoo probably seems at the time like a grand gesture of love and commitment (Look, honey! We'll be together forever now that you're name's on my arm!) but unfortunately, it's no guarantee that the relationship will last.

And when it falls apart, you're left not only to deal with the emotional pain, but an acute physical pain, as well. Those tattoos hurt way more to erase than they do to get. Overall, it just seems like a bad idea. What seems like a symbol of eternal love quickly turns into a symbol of a broken heart. And that's not good for anyone.

What do you think about getting a tattoo of your love's name?


Photo via Rosa Casapulla/Flickr

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