Not All Golden Globe Winners Deserved Their Trophy

golden globesSo, that's that. The much-anticipated Golden Globes 2012 have come and gone. Now all we have to look forward to is the Academy Awards. Wait, that's all that's left, right? It's hard to keep track of what awards Hollywood actors are giving each other and when this time of year. Either way, there's not many ceremonies left, and we pretty much now know who's going to win everything (George Clooney, The Artist, Meryl Streep).

So, yeah, the Golden Globes. I actually enjoyed them. Always do. I find them more fun and less stuffy than the prestigious Oscars. Partly because of host Ricky Gervais' balls-to-the-wall approach about the whole night; partly because there aren't as many boring technical awards and whatnot to sit through. But I do have a few issues with this year's show ...


Matt LeBlanc. Look, I love the guy just as much as everyone else, thought he was perfect as Joey Tribbiani in Friends, blah, blah, blah, but really? Best Actor in a Comedy Series? It's not that I don't enjoy him in the show Episodes; I do. And it's nice to not see him playing an airhead struggling actor, but ... he's playing himself. Does that really warrant an award? It can't be that far-fetched for LeBlanc to go to set each day just to drive fancy cars, sit through meetings, and act. That's what he does everyday! That's what all actors do. I don't think it's a tough role to take on. The only saving grace of his receiving the award is the fact that he, too, was obviously surprised as hell. It was kind of cute.

Then there was Meryl Streep. Obviously she was going to win. She wins everything every year. And even though it gets old, it's great, because she's great. But dude -- what was up with her feigned shock when her name was announced?

Perhaps she didn't expect to win, but was she genuinely that floored that she did? It's not as if she's some relative unknown and this is her first nomination. The woman probably has an entire shed filled with all her trophies and awards. It really shouldn't come as that much of a surprise.

Perhaps next year the Globes will add a new award -- Best Feigned Shock When Hearing Your Name Called. And, of course, Meryl will win that, too.

What did you think of the Golden Globes?


Image via Joe Shlabotnik/Flickr


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