Kris Jenner's 'Boy Toy' Sounds Like a Complete Hypocrite

kris jenner book all things kardashianBeing that there seem to be a handful of scandals involving the Kardashians in the news at any given time, it's no real surprise that riding right on the coattails of the Khloe Kardashian paternity rumors is a shiny new story about the "boy toy" who busted up Kris Jenner's first marriage to Khloe, Kim, and Kourtney's dad, Robert Kardashian. Remember how Kris bragged in her tell-all Kris Jenner and All Things Kardashian about all that hot sex she was having outside of her marriage beginning in 1989? In the book, she called her lover "Ryan," but it turns out his real name is Todd Waterman

Waterman, a renowned animator, has revealed to Star magazine his identity, confirmed the "scandalous ... year and a half" relationship that occurred when he was 24 and Kris was 34, and disputed that he's Khloe's real father as she was five when the affair began. But that's not all ...


He also had to mention that the Kardashian fame train has left him with a foul taste in his mouth. He elaborated in Star:

I am not a fan of the whole Kardashian machine. To me, it (my partial inclusion in the book) ties into what they have already done in terms of picking and choosing what they release and how they are portrayed. ... The sex tape and the murder of their friend. [Jenner's book] didn’t surprise me.

In other words, he thinks the K brood are a buncha fame whores, right. Oookay. So, then, I ask you ... what in the world is HE?! Why would this guy feel the need to come out with a story in Star magazine (of all publications, nonetheless), and make his REAL name be known, if he wasn't something of a fame whore himself, eh? I don't buy that he just wanted to be a good Samaritan by clearing up the Khloe paternity rumors for the country. Instead, it just seems like he's interested in a piece of the Kardashian pie.

Ironically, Kris has insinuated recently that people have been popping up nonstop lately to nab fifteen minutes by piggybacking on the Kardashians' fame, so I guess Todd coming out of the woodwork isn't really all that shocking to her. But it's still pretty annoying that the guy has the audacity to take a swipe at her "machine," when he's basically playing right into it. Funny. Although Kris doesn't come off in a very positive light, given the details of this affair, Todd's "confession" just gives another shot of adrenaline to Kris's celebrity. In the end, joke's on him!

Why do you think this guy has come forward now?


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