Taylor Swift Sings 'Hunger Games' Song Like Only She Can (VIDEO)

taylor swift hunger gamesYou probably won't be interested when I tell you that the Civil Wars performed last night in front of a sold out crowd in Nashville. But what if I told you Taylor Swift made a surprise appearance? And then what if I told you she and the Civil Wars sang "Safe and Sound," the song from the forthcoming Hunger Games? And then what if I told you it was all caught on tape for our listening pleasure? Yeah, thought you'd come around.

Because I know whenever I hear the words "hunger" and "games" thrown around in any paragraph pertaining to any topic whatsoever, my ears perk right up, too.


So the country duo, who was on Entertainment Weekly's list of breakouts in 2011, teased the crowd by saying some inexperienced newbie was going to come on stage and help them belt out the Hunger Games song, then lo and behold, Taylor walks out from the wings in a yellow dress and what looks to be a pearl necklace. Surprise!

Decked out in her best church outfit, Taylor feigned amazement at the crowd like only she can; her jaw hit the floor like it was the first time anyone's ever cheered for her in the history of her life. She eventually pulled it together after her little show of affected awe, and she and those two people we've never heard of started singing "Safe and Sound."

It was good. It was real good. So good, in fact, that it gets me all kinds of jazzed up for the movie to hurry up and come out already. If this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what the Hunger Games franchise will bring us, then I'm excited to spend hundreds of dollars I don't have on every piece of the film from DVDs to albums to lunchboxes. But for now, I'll just have to watch this clip over and over, which is fine by me.

Watch Taylor and the Civil Wars sing Hunger Games' "Safe and Sound":

What do you think of the song?


Photo via restlesschick15/YouTube

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