Heather Locklear's Hospitalization May Be Hollywood's Fault

Heather Locklear has always seemed like one of the more together stars to me. Sure, she starred on the occasional guilty pleasure show and wasn't exactly winning Academy Awards, but, until her divorce from Richie Sambora in 2006, she always seemed together. In the last five years, all that has changed, and last night, Locklear was rushed to a hospital in Los Angeles after her sister called 9-1-1.

Though she is likely to be "fine" and is home now, according to her parents, some reports, including one in the New York Post, are saying she overdosed on a "dangerous mix" of prescription drugs and alcohol. Some are even questioning whether it was a suicide attempt. If it was, then Locklear needs help desperately. In fact, either way she does.

This wasn't her first brush with suicide rumors.


In 2008, Locklear may have overdosed on prescription medicines as well. Her doctor called it a suicide attempt and called 9-1-1, though it was later deemed to be a false alarm. Still, it did make her enter rehab and she supposedly received treatment for her anxiety and depression.

She has also had run-ins with the law, including being charged with a hit and run in 2008. Most recently she ended an engagement to her Melrose Place co-star Jack Wagner, whom she had been dating since 2007. Locklear had announced their plans to get married in August and there is some speculation that the November breakup sent her spiraling.

Whatever the reason, it's heartbreaking and scary. If this was a suicide attempt, it would be good for Locklear to be honest about it and seek the help she so clearly needs. She is fine this time, but what about next time?

At 50, Locklear has had a long Hollywood career that started in her 20s when she played Sammy Jo Carrington on Dynasty. The fact is, Hollywood isn't kind to older actresses and sadly, anxiety, depression, and drug addiction seem to be the norm.

From everything I have read about Locklear, she seems to have a supportive family (she is the youngest of four kids and her parents released a statement about her health) and she once had a booming career. But aging in Hollywood is no easy task and it does bring up some speculation about whether being celebrated for her beauty and youth for so long was detrimental on her mental health in the long term.

Whatever the reason, let's hope Locklear gets all the help she so clearly needs and that she is able to find a way to move forward without the use of drugs or alcohol.

Do you think this was a suicide attempt?


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