Pippa Middleton Doesn't Follow Winter Fashion Rules & Neither Should You

pippa middletonHere's a random, fun fact. Pippa Middleton gets photographed, on average, 400 times a day. It's true. The Daily Mail's photo editor recently said that he gets between 300 and 400 photos of Pippa daily, all from the same eight photographers. Apparently, they camp outside her door and wait for her to ... walk to work. Oh, the scandal!

Clearly, this is excessive and ridiculous. I mean, the woman's just walking. But I must admit, I do love me a good Pippa photo, 'cause, man, she wears some cute stuff. Take her outfit a few days ago, for instance. Duchess Catherine's sister wore a smart plaid shirt, fitted black blazer, and bright pink skinny jeans -- in the dead of winter. Adorable! If those 400 pictures were never snapped, how else would we have gotten to see this cheery get-up?


I never realized how much black, brown, and navy people wear during the cooler months until I moved back to the east coast. Yes, those colors are easy and go with most, but good Lord are they depressing.

Yes, these shades seem appropriate for the time of year -- dark, serious, kind of depressing -- but I miss the brights; the pinks, the oranges, the sweet, sweet yellows. They all seem to have gone into hibernation while this army of darkness has taken over the streets, trains, and malls of the world.

I say, like Pippa, we put a stop to it. After all, it was only a few years ago that it was considered a fashion faux pas to wear white after Labor Day. What's wrong with bright colors during the winter? Why, nothing, dagnabbit! It's just some stupid, unwritten rule that people and retailers seem to be afraid to deviate from.

If you ask me, we need bright colors more in the winter than in the summer. We have nature's pick-me-up during the warmer months: The sun. Everybody's inherently in better spirits then. It's when it gets dark at 4, and it seems to be raining five out of the seven days a week that we're woefully understocked with frivolity and cheer. And a vitamin D supplement alone is no cure. We need bright pants.

So, next time you're perusing the BP section at Nordstrom, do yourself a favor: Step away from the black. Yes, you can still wear the leather boots you bought a couple months ago, but for the love of color therapy, pair them with something yellow.

Do you wear bright colors in the winter?


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