Halle Berry Isn't Engaged & 4 Other Weird PR Stunts of 2012

oliver martinez halle berryOkay, hold the phone. Halle Berry isn't getting married? According to the latest rumors, that big glitzy rock on Berry's finger isn't an engagement ring after all. It was just a gift from boyfriend Olivier Martinez. Oh, just a gift. I see. Of course. Fine, whatever. Be engaged, don't be engaged, I don't care.

Sigh. I don't mean to sound bitter, I'm just getting a little bit fed up with all these celebs crying wolf. Whether it's a faux engagement (or make-believe marriage, Kim Kardashian, choke, cough) or a highly anticipated appearance that turns out to be a big fat no-show.

Of course all these celebs dangling their carrots are just trying to get our attention, usually right around the same time some new project -- a film, a TV series -- is about to launch. But there sure have been a lot of carrots this year already, considering it's only January 12th! 

And it all started on New Year's Eve ...


1. Beyonce is a NYE no-show. Ooh, that was a nasty trick! Ryan Seacrest got the universe all hyped up about Beyonce's "midnight surprise" -- what would it be? A performance? A newborn baby-reveal? Nope, it would be ... nothing. It would be an old, pre-recorded disappointment.

2. Amber Rose picks a fight with Kim Kardashian. Now there's a girl who needs to get herself a decent job, or man, or something. Because waiting until Kim was in the middle of her divorce from Kim Humphries to whip out the Kanye West/homewrecker accusation was pa-thet-ic. And a publicity stunt if ever there was one.

3. Khloe Kardashian's Kardashian-ness is questioned. Hmm, I wonder what could have motivated Robert Kardashian's ex-wife and widow to suddenly tell Star magazine Khloe is somebody else's kid? Gee, maybe because one of them is flat broke? Yeah.

4. The People's Choice Awards Breaks Its Breaking Dawn Promise. Aw, fail! The one reason Twi-Hards were looking forward to that awards show was because we were supposed to see the trailer for Breaking Dawn, Part 2! BUT NO. All we got was Robert Pattinson's newly-shaven head. (Which was cool, don't get me wrong. Jussayin'.)

Enough already, celebs!

Do you think 2012 is going to be the year of the weird PR stunt?


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