Kim Kardashian’s People’s Choice Awards No Show Was a Big Mistake

empty people's choice awardsThe People's Choice Awards were last night and no one really seemed to give two shakes of a lamb's tail about the whole thing. Held in Los Angeles, the ceremony honored actors, singers, and reality stars alike for their contribution to "the arts" as selected by us, the people. In order to form a more perfect union, the populace voted on who's most popular in the Hollywood scene at the moment and then handed them a bright and shiny award.

The only problem is, no one cared. Katy Perry, who was nominated for Favorite Female Artist, Favorite Tour Headliner, Song of the Year, Favorite Music Video, and Favorite TV Guest Star didn't even bother to show up. Neither did Kim Kardashian nor Johnny Depp, both of whom were also nominated.


Each of these stars, Katy, Kimmy, and Johnny, are in the midst of very public breakups. Katy's husband Russell Brand filed for divorce just a few days ago; it was only recently reported that Johnny and long-time partner Vanessa Paradis were splitting, and I think we all know what Kim's deal is.

I understand why they'd shy away from the awards show, but by the same token, I could absolutely see it from the other side. The People's Choice Awards represents, essentially, how much an artist is loved by their fans. It's a 'thank you' from us to them and it's gracious of stars to accept the honor in person. After all, slight the fans and who will pay to see your movies, to buy your albums, to watch your TV show?

I'm not saying they owe us their lives, but a heartfelt acknowledgment of their prize would've been nice. Katy tweeted her thanks, and so did Kim, who was reportedly getting her hair done during the awards show. Had both attended, I think the support of the crowd (they won for a reason) would've lifted their spirits. Nothing like adoring fans screaming your name while you're being handed a trophy to cheer you right up; that's what I always say. Too bad they didn't feel like going. 

Then again, Robert Pattinson was there, so that makes up for most everything, doesn't it.

Do you think Katy, Kim, and Johnny should've attended the People's Choice Awards?


Photo via jaako/Flickr

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